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Window tinting for your home is a great way to increase your property’s value. Tinted windows don’t just make a house look better; they increase its energy efficiency, privacy, security, and more – all features that will increase your home’s value. Today we will explain some of the ways you can improve your property with home window tinting.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Tinted windows lower both heating and cooling bills, making a home comfortable year round. Window films filter direct sunlight and reduce glare so air conditioners don’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool. They also eliminate hot spots and keep heat from escaping, so heaters run more efficiently in the winter. More energy-efficient homes are highly prized, especially as the costs of power go up

Protect Your Home's Interior

Window film blocks harmful ultraviolet and visible light which can damage furniture, textiles, family portraits, carpet, and priceless artwork. Such damage is permanent and cumulative, so blocking even some light does a lot of good. UV light breaks down pigments and has a bleaching effect which can ruin curtains, rugs, and upholstery. It also heats surfaces causing natural oils to stiffen and crack, which destroys leather, oil paintings, wood varnishes, and lacquers. By keeping your home’s interior looking good and ensuring any future residents of the same protection, tinted house windows push the value of your property up.

Healthy Living

Exposure to too much sun is linked to many health problems, from skin cancer to accelerated ageing. Intense sunlight and excessive glare from snow and water can also damage your eyes, and increase the chance of developing vision problems later in life. UV rays can even make acne worse by drying out your skin! Adding tinting to your windows makes your home a healthier, safer place to live in, raising its value and providing health benefits into the future.

A More Private Home

Everyone likes a sense of privacy when they’re in their home, and houses that offer this will fetch a better price. Window tints reduce or block the view into your home while still allowing you to see out. You can use reflective or decorative films to create an interesting visual aspect from outside.

Heightened Security

Anything that adds to the security of a property also enhances its value, as people prize safety. The majority of home break-ins are ‘smash and grabs’ in which a criminal smashes a window and makes off with what they can get their hands on quickly. By making it difficult for would-be criminals to see into your house you disincentivise them by increasing their risk and making their reward less tangible.

Add Value Today

Whether you’re looking to tint a single window or your entire home, Premier Tint can help you add value to your home. 

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