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There was a time when tinted office windows were seen as a luxury – simply something to make a building look sleeker and reduce glare in offices. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that tinted windows are less a luxury and more a necessity for commercials spaces. Along with the traditional benefits associated with tinted windows, a raft of other benefits are becoming apparent, ranging from cost-savings to security to the health and well-being of your employees. Here are 5 key reasons you should consider office window tinting for your Brisbane business.

A Comfortable, Safe Work Environment

Letting in natural light is important, but it can also lead to problems like hot-spots, glare, fluctuating temperatures, and exposure to harmful UV rays. Office window tinting helps you to take advantage of natural light while avoiding these and other problems. Tinted windows greatly reduce heat and glare entering your workplace – reducing temperatures in summer by up to 15 degrees – making it more comfortable for you, your employees, and clients. Window tinting can also screen our up to 99% of ultraviolet radiation, making your office a more sun-safe place to work.

Longer Lasting Office Furniture

It’s important to keep your office looking good, as this boosts employee morale and makes a better impression on clients. But exposure to a lot of sunlight can cause office furniture, carpets, merchandise, draperies, and more to fade and deteriorate quite quickly. By getting a high quality window tint in Brisbane, you can cut out almost all of those damaging UV rays and solar heat. This will greatly prolong the life of your office furnishings and equipment. Less damage also means less need to replace your furniture, saving you thousands of dollars each year.

Reduce Your Power Bills

The energy costs associated with heating and cooling an office space can be massive, but you can’t have your staff sweating their way through summer and shivering in winter. Luckily, tinted windows can stop up to 85% of heat from the sun ever entering your office, thus reducing the need for air conditioning and slashing your power bills. This is especially important in hot cities like Brisbane.

Secure Your Business with Tinted Windows

Windows and other glass in your office are vulnerable for obvious reasons, offering the most obvious point of entry for thieves. The safety of your business, property, and belongings should be a top priority and tinted office windows can help increase your security. Tinted window films can be purchased with thicker glazing and shatter-resistant qualities, meaning your windows will hold together even after they have been broken. This makes it much less likely that a smash-and-grab burglar will complete a robbery. Make sure you rely on professionals to install your tinting to maximise these benefits.

Both security tinting and ordinary tinted windows also reduce visual access to your business. Most thieves are looking for quick, relatively safe, and lucrative scores – if they can’t see what the rewards might be, they are less likely to take the risk.

That Professional Look

Appearance matters in business, and the sleek modern look of tinted windows adds tangible value to your business. It may sound silly, but the way your business looks affects people’s desire to work with you. If your business looks like a winner, it’s more likely to be a winner – and that alone is worth the cost of the tinting. Commercial window films offer a large selection of styles and designs to suit almost any style of building or business.

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