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With window tinting a popular after-market option for vehicles, it’s not surprising that a lot of car owners try to do the job themselves, DIY style. If you try this yourself, chances are you’ll end up with a job more difficult and disappointing than you imagined.

Today, let’s look at 5 good reasons it’s best to leave window tinting to the pros!

DIY Can End Up Costing You More

Remember wrapping your school books in adhesive ‘contact’ and how frustrating it was when the end result had air bubbles in the plastic? Imagine looking at those annoying bubbles on your car windows every day.

Even if you do successfully apply the window tint film to your car windows, it’ll never be as perfect as a professional. And unfortunately, removing window film is even more difficult than applying it so you’ll need to hire an experienced tint professional to remove it anyway! All up, you would’ve been better off simply hiring a proper tint specialist in the first place.

Specialist Knowledge About Tinting Regulations in Your State

Many countries and states have specific limits on how dark you can tint your windows. Most professional window tinting companies make it their business to stay up-to-date on window tint regulations, so they can provide their customers with the best legal tints available.

With DIY kits, you can’t be so sure and it’s simply not worth the risk. Always seek advice from an established window tint specialist in your state when it comes to matters of the law.

High Quality Tint Products with High Quality Service

Unless you’re purchasing a more expensive professional-grade tint kit, you’ll likely find the film in a DIY window tint kit is of far lower quality when compared to the materials a window tinting pro would use.

An experienced professional will use a higher grade film and ensure that it’s applied without creases, crinkles, air bubbles or debris. They’ll get it right, every time.

Window Tinting with a Life-Time Guarantee

If a professional window tinting company does a bad job, car owners can always demand re-tinting or their money back. If and when you make a mistake while tinting you own windows, you won’t have that luxury. Once window tinting film has been applied to a window, it cannot be taken off and simply returned to the store.

Most film manufacturers offer at least a 5-year warranty, while other films come with lifetime warranties. Look for a professional window tinter who will offer you a lifetime guarantee on their products. One of Australia’s leading window tint providers is Premier Tint, where all tints are of the highest quality film and come with a lifetime guarantee.

For a Beautiful, Professional Result

Only a professional window tinting service can give you the best results and bring out the unique elegance of your car. Tint specialists work with window tint every day of the week. They’ll know the best product to use on your vehicle, to enhance its aesthetic appeal and add value overall.

We pay a lot for our vehicles – don’t let dodgy after-market products lower your car’s value.

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