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Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable with Professional Window Tinting

Struggling through another hot Brisbane Summer? Did you know that with professional window tinting you can keep your home cool and comfortable, all year round?

A quality window tint can save you up to 79% in heat reduction, keeping your home cooler in Summer, as well as helping to keep the warmth inside during Winter. For Queensland homeowners in particular, it’s vital to keep temperatures down inside the home.

Professionally installed window tint will lower the temperature inside and help your fans and air conditioners work more effectively.

Protection from UV Rays and Glare

With temperatures seeming to rise each year, it’s also important that we think carefully about sun and UV protection, and not just when we’re out and about. With such high temperatures and UV levels, it’s important to minimise the risk of sun damage to ourselves and our families, even when we’re at home.

A professional window tint will cut glare and stop up to 99% of UV rays from entering your home. At Brisbane’s Premier Tint, tints are specifically designed for Australian conditions, and can reflect up to 78% of solar energy and protecting you from harsh UV, offering your family protection every day of the year, as well as the comfort of a cooler home interior.

A Greener Option for Your Home

While keeping your home cooler, you’ll also be relying less on your air conditioner. A professional window tint will save you money on your energy bill, making it a more eco-friendly solution for home cooling.

Remember, the same applies to your car and office building – tinting your windows will have many benefits for you, your family, employees and the environment.

Keeping Your Interior Looking Cooler, for Longer

As well as keeping your home cool, by blocking sun glare and UV rays you’ll protect your home’s furnishings and carpet.

Window tinting addresses the major cause of fading to home furnishings, and will protect your interior furnishings such as curtains, carpets, rugs and couches. Items will have noticeably less fading and sun damage, and stay bright for longer, when you use a quality window tint at home.

As you can see, there are more advantages to tinting your home windows than just adding to the aesthetic appearance, or increasing your home privacy – although they will deliver those benefits also!

With high quality window tinting, you’ll enjoy cooler temperatures, UV and sun protection, lower energy bills and protection for your home furnishings. Visit a tint specialist to discuss your options – they’ll be sure to find the perfect tinting solution for your home and lifestyle.

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