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How Tinted Car Windows Can Protect You from UV

Did you know that Australians who drive regularly are at a higher risk of skin damage and even skin cancer, particularly on their right-hand side? Most side windows in cars are made from cheap tempered glass, which smashes safely in the event of a crash, but gives almost no protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.


Interestingly enough, car windshields are incredibly effective at blocking UV radiation. Their laminated construction includes a 0.8 millimetre layer of plastic in between two 2.1 millimetre glass layers. Plastic is highly effective at absorbing UV rays, meaning a standard windshield will protect you from 100% of UVB rays and 98% of UVA rays. The tempered glass of your car’s side windows, on the other hand, absorbs only a maximum of 65% of UV rays. That’s better than nothing of course, but over long drives or even short ones in full sunlight, it’s not nearly enough.


Tinting side windows won’t just make your car look cool and give you more privacy; it can also dramatically cut your exposure to UV radiation, reducing your risk of sunburn, long-term skin damage, and skin cancer.


Radiation from the sun is more complex than many of us think and we can see this simply by standing outside on a warm day. While we will be able to see the sun’s visible light, we will also be able to feel the ultraviolet and infrared rays.

When this radiation comes into contact with the tinted glass, the film controls the levels of heat and light passing through it. This, in turn, minimises exposure to UV rays and helps to protect us.


The rates of UV protection vary based on the kind of tinting film used. Metalized and ceramic tinting offer almost complete protection from sunburn and cancer-causing UV radiation, as well as reducing the temperature inside your car. Dyed tinting films are a less expensive option and they fade faster, offer lower levels of protection than metalized or ceramic films. There are also hybrid tinting films available that combine the best features of dyed and metalized tinting films for something almost as effective as metalized film, but at a lower cost.


There are generally regulations surrounding how much light tinted car windows are allowed to block out, so make sure you’re careful before installing them to avoid fines. The best way to do this is to make sure you talk to qualified window tinting professionals in your area. They will be familiar with local laws relating to this matter and can advise you of the best solution to maximise your UV-protection while staying within the regulations. For example, the team here at Premier Tint is equipped with photometers to measure the amount of light entering your car, and this helps us get you the best possible result.


If you’re worried about UV radiation in your car, call us today or enquire online to discuss your best car window tinting options in Brisbane for blocking out UV.


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