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How Electronic Rust Protection works

The CAT Electronic Anti-Corrosion System is purpose designed to suppress rust development in motor vehicles, trucks, buses, air conditioners and many other types of plant and machinery. 

12V or 24V System: The CAT System will operate from either a 12VDC and 24VDC battery or power source and the unit will automatically detect the input voltage and adjust its function and diagnostic accordingly.

Modular Design - Easily Expandable: The Main Generator Module has 2 output circuits. Each output circuit is capable of supplying up to 6 coupler pads linked in series (or a total of 12 Coupler Pads for both circuits). Additional coupler pads can be added at any time to boost the operation of the system.

Shockproof and Waterproof ! The entire system including Main Control Module, Coupler Pads, Wiring Harness and all connectors and both shock and waterproof (exceeds IEC529, DIN40050 and IP67 standards).

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Why Choose CAT ?

Not all electronic rust suppression systems are the same !

A "negative electrolysis" - "impressed current" system like CAT is the ONLY method effective on ‘free air structures’ like motor vehicles and mobile plant and machinery. You can be assured that everything associated with CAT is quality and with a CAT unit protecting your asset there is nothing in the world that could be doing a better job.

An Innovative Product for Harsh Conditions

Since 1989, our team of engineers have been researching and developing the CAT System which is a versatile product that constantly delivers outstanding results. CAT are the leaders in ERPS (Electronic Rust Prevention Systems) with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Modular Design - Expandable

CAT's unique modular design allows for easy expansion at any time. Expansion Packs are readily available and can easily extend the operation of the system from 2 Pads up to a maximum of 12 Pads.

Your Partner in the War Against Rust!

Electronic rust proofing extends the life of vehicles and machinery by reducing the damaging effect of rust and corrosion. This saves owners money and provides peace of mind.


The CAT ERPS System is certified to Australian/New Zealand, the US and European electromagnetic compliance standards and are built to ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing and procedural requirements.


All CAT systems are covered by 10-year product replacement guarantee and for the local Australian market we also provide a vehicle corrosion warranty for up to 10 years.

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